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What is Social Media?
Social Media is a group of internet-based applications that allow for interactive dialogue, and which allow for the creation and exchange of user-generated content. The applications used include blogs, forums, wikis, videos, social bookmarking, and social networking.

Unlike static websites of the past, Web 2.0 encourages users to converse, opine and lend expertise on the online space. User-generated content is encouraged and much sought after.

No, it isn’t just what the cool kids are doing. It is what every business has to do to succeed and move forward.

Shifting Trends
Mass media isn’t quite dead, but it isn’t what it once was. Rather than promoting to larger communities, companies and advertising agencies are learning to target smaller but more powerful communities. Furthermore, customer relationship and management is becoming the single most important tool in lead generation. One-on-one marketing communication on social media will dominate the world of advertising.

The Growth of Social Networks
Facebook has recently become a second website for companies wishing to extend their brand. Companies continue to harbor the use of social media; and social networks react by expanding their services and tools. In the recent months, Facebook has released several innovations to make it a powerful tool for businesses. Other social networks are following suit and making their applications more business friendly.

Let us Manage Your Conversational Marketing
Our goal is to start conversations, manage your online reputation and in doing so, grow your business. Social Media is becoming mainstream marketing as more and more companies invest in this medium. Don’t fall behind the curve, we can help.

Focus on You Business
Your focus should be your core business and not your marketing. We are the experts and we guarantee results. Online trends seem to shift daily and we make it our job to involve your company. We keep you at the cutting edge of social media, as your customers continue to demand it.

Size Doesn’t Matter
The best part of social media is that size truly does not matter. Small companies stand a chance against larger name brands in the social media world. User experience and personalized sharing are the driving force behind success.


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