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Remember the days in which a website was enough?

These days, a standalone website won’t generate leads. In fact, without professional search engine marketing a website will fall amongst millions of other websites.

Our goal is to get qualified traffic to your website and we do that by strategically marketing your online presence.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is not just one thing, it’s a compilation of things effectively carried out to make a website more relevant on search engines and to rank higher. SEM includes the use of search engine optimization (SEO), paid ads, social media and other advertising.

Our clients benefit tremendously from our expertise in search engine marketing. We make our clients’ Internet relevant and we guarantee our results.

So you’re thinking this all sounds like a lot of work. Well, the good news is, the team at SC Advertising Solutions are experts in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

Reasons you shouldn’t do this in-house:

  1. If your company has less than 1,000 employees outsourcing will save you money. The savings are tremendous particularly when you consider you are getting a full staff of experts versus a small marketing department.
  2. You’ll have tremendous resources starting with qualified marketing experts who live and breathe search engine marketing.
  3. Most companies lack the analytical skills in-house needed to run a successful marketing campaign.
  4. We no longer live in an age of mass marketing but instead of fragmentation in our marketing programs. This requires the dedication of a professional marketing team.

We know how important it is for our clients to visibly see their return on investment and that’s why we use the most sophisticated and advanced technology to track results. Some of the tools we use include: call tracking, site analytics, and our own customized reporting tools and system.

Our careful analysis of all our marketing programs allows us to make necessary adjustments during the program to ensure maximum results. We will monitor all you marketing initiatives on a constant basis so that we can make real time changes. Throughout the campaign we will also provide clients with key reports to help them make decisions.

The bottom line is improved quality and cost savings. Please contact us TODAY for a customized proposal with recommended services.


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