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Reporting and Tracking

You have built your site, optimized the pages for your targeted keywords and submitted your site to Web directories. The next step is to review your progress and make the necessary improvements. SC Advertising Solutions will monitor your businesses progress with various online reporting tools. We will track site statistics, keyword positioning and other criteria to better gauge your sites strong and weak properties. It can take several months before your site achieves its projected goals. Even when we achieve those goals, we continue to monitor the various statistics and indicators to stay on top. Through our in depth tracking and reporting, our clients are very aware by the end of first month exactly how much they spent, how many visits, leads, phone calls, quotes and sales were received. This information allows our clients to make decisions based on the actual ROI. Below are two tracking and reporting tools that SC Advertising Solutions uses for all of our clients.

  1. 'Call Tracking captures every caller's phone number, identifies the advertising source and records calls for review, enabling you to return missed calls and recapture lost leads. It maximizes your return on marketing investment, improves your conversion of lead sales and determines your precise cost-per-lead by media, source, and campaign. The importance of call tracking is to enable your business to review how well your employees handle leads, empowers effective training of customer service skills to help improve call handling skills.
  2. Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. The ultimate goal is to analyze our client’s site, and then implement best practices to ensure that the site is both compliant with the search engines’ standards, and provides a good experience for the user. All of this is done with the goal of keeping clients on your site for a long time, and getting them to convert.

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